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This is your Golf Course Business Consultant and Adviser for any Golf Course and Golf Course Business Issue: Michael A (Mike Kahn).

Get an Analysis from over 60-years in Golf. Use experience to help you make the Right Decisions from mowing heights to properly storing liquor.

If you're truly ready to consider an experienced, no BS, golf business consultant, watch three YouTube videos - links below - I published in 2010 and 2012.

You'll learn that I fully predicted the mess golf is in tday (2018). You'll also see how detailed my review of a golf course operation will be. You'll learn that I'm tongue-and-cheek with my reports - no patronizing, no BS.

Most of all, you'll learn that I know the golf course business inside and out:

1 - Published in October 2010

2 - Published in November 2010

3 - Published in January 2012


Homeowners in Golf Course Communities:

Protect Your Home Equity. Safeguard the Integrity of Your Neighborhood!

Michael A Kahn, President, Golfmak, Inc. incorporated in Florida in 1994. Mike has been in golf and the golf course business since the 1950s.

Michael Kahn is experienced in virtually every conceivable golf course business issue. From golf course maintenance, to kitchens, to pro shops, to point-of-sale and back offices, to budgeting and planning, he has over 50-years of experience managing golf courses.

Michael Kahn is a 'tell it like it is' consultant. Mike will not patronize clients. He believes skirting issues to please clients when negative results are apparent lacks honesty and integrity.

Mike has recently become a focal point for homeowners and HOA Board Members with failing golf courses in their neighborhoods. From California to Maine, Mike fields calls and Email inquiries asking his advice for help to find the best course of action to preserve equity in their property.

Michael Kahn has endless references and hundreds of endorsements on

First consultation is always complimentary. Call Mike direct anytime 941-739-3990, or Email Mike always replies with courtesy and understanding.

Michael Kahn is an expert in this list of golf course and golf course business issues:

  • Overall Golf Course Management from the
  • Highest Level
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Competitive Strategies in Local Markets
  • Pro Shop Merchandising and Management (former Canadian PGA Member)
  • Player Services
  • Point of Sale (POS) and Back Office
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Golf Course Maintenance (former licensed as a Superintendent)
  • Golf Course Maintenance Machinery and Equipment - Negotiating and Machinery Acquisitions
  • Irrigation Systems, Repairing, Replacing
  • Irrigation Water Use Management
  • Golf Cart Fleets - Negotiating, Fleet Managing and Care
  • Insurance and Legal Protection
  • Homeowner and HOA Relationships
  • Financing Golf Courses
  • Clubhouse Issues
  • Employee Management and General Employee Issues
  • Management Companies
  • First Time Golf Course Owners - Adviser
  • Long Term Golf Course Business Strategies
  • Membership Management, Pricing, Communicating, Maintaining Rosters

Michael Kahn is also experienced and sensitive to environmental issues surrounding golf courses.

Golfmak, Inc. Michael A Kahn, President.

  • 6051 Sun Blvd., Unit 605
  • St. Petersburg, Florida 33715
  • 941-739-3990

If you're hearing that your neighborhood golf course is failing, go to a brand new, totally complimentary website to find information about what your homeowners association (HOA) should be doing - immediately!


Does your golf course qualify for a hotel on site? If so, it will add $500,000 in new business to a golf course every year without costing a dime. Call me: 941-739-3990

LOCATION IS EVERYTHING: If the golf course is near a major US Highway, near a busy commercial area or medical center, our associate company wants to purchase approximately 25,000 square feet of property as near the clubhouse as possible where they'll place an 80 to 120-room rooms-only hotel.

ALL GOLF COURSE TYPES: Any type of golf course can fit the profile: Public, Semi-private, Private, even Municipally owned Golf Courses.

ZERO OUT OF POCKET: Our associate hotel company permits, builds, and runs the hotel. There is absolutely no out-of-pocket to the golf course. The hotel will be designed to conform nicely with the clubhouse. Although no restaurant, the hotel will have a swimming pool and a fitness room.

The hotel shares the parking lot and if needs a new cap and striping, the hotel may do that as part of its overall construction plan.

UP TO $500,000 ANNUALLY: The hotel will bring up to 45,000 people a year to the property who will patronize the clubhouse bar and restaurant. Golf Participation rates indicate 4,000 to 5,000 hotel guests will play the golf course. The hotel 'Flag' may be any one of the major hotel groups.

USA AND CANADA: We are looking for appropriate golf courses in the USA and Canada.

CONTACT MIKE KAHN: If you believe your golf course fits the profile, write me, Mike Kahn: Or give me a call: 941-739-3990. With the name and address of the golf course I can give you an answer very quickly. If the golf course fits, our associate company will move quickly.



HOA golf course concerns

Mike Kahn and Bill McIntosh invite your HOA board members to a complimentary candid conference call to discuss your Failing Nieghborhood Golf Course Dilemma (call 941-739-3990, or write Believe us. You should act immediatley upon the first rumor that your backyard golf course is failing. You must protect the Equity in Your Residential property. You could wind up upsidedown on your mortgage overnight! Write and we'll arrange a conference call at your convenience.

Start saving the value of your residence immediately by contacting me, Mike Kahn. We'll help you form a special committee to gather information and establish a plan of action. Even that simple strategy will help save property values - if done properly. It will help calm the storm. Call me 941-739-3990, or Email to get answer to these and many more questions from the Number-1 Consulting Team in Golf:

    • Mike Kahn, in golf since the 1950's
    • Bill McIntosh, in golf since the 1950's

Here are the Q and As you need answered:

Q: Can our neighborhood golf course survive?
A: You need an analysis to find out. Some golf courses cannot survive in this environment. Kahn and McIntosh are top experts in golf. You need our analysis before adopting any plan of action.
Q: What can homeowners on a golf course do to preserve the equity in their property?
A: First is to form a feasibility group to gather and digest pertinent information to help with any strategy going forward. If the neighborhood shows its determination to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood, it goes a long way.
Q: How can Golfmak, Inc., President, Michael A Kahn, help us through this mess?
A: Along with associate, Bill McIntosh, we can help your HOA sort it all out. Our expertise in the HOA-Golf Course dilemma, along with over 100-years of golf course business experience is second to none. At stake is $ millions in property value for you and your neighbors. For instance, a Florida golf course closing resulted in over $100 million in gross property losses. Many homes fell into foreclosure overnight.
Q: Is there any data showing property values dropping because the neighborhood golf course fails?
A: There is very little solid data out there because the current trend is still too new. However, We have one study by the University of Nevada, Reno, that I will send you upon your Email request to
Q: What makes Golfmak, Inc. an expert in the HOA-Failing Golf Course dilemma?
A: Michael Kahn has been fielding inquiries from residents and HOA Board Members for over eight years. The current dilemma is facing thousands and thousands of homeowners along golf course fairways in virtually every State in the USA. Although the common thread is the looming failure of the neighborhood golf course, every situation is little different. Factors like the number of residents, age of the golf courses, local economics, and HOA covenants makes each one unique. Kahn's expertise comes from information gained from reviewing over 100 troubled golf course communities.
Kahn has evidence of successful outcomes.

If a neighborhood golf course fails Four Main Stakeholders lose.

  1. Property values plummet from 19% to 30% and then many mortgages are immediately upside-down. Here's a true story. Follow this link: Turkey Creek, Alachua, Florida
  2. The County Tax Collector loses 19% to 30% of property tax revenue.
  3. The Banks holding mortgages on homes in your community will take a big hit when the market value of a residence is kess than the mortgage.
  4. The Golf Course Owner loses everything.
A closed and grown in golf course is a terrible sight and worse, it becomes a critical fire hazard during dry spells.
There's evidence of a rise in crime where the neighborhood golf course shuts down (report by the Sheriff of Alachua, County, Florida).
Problem varmints take over the weed infested fairways - like dangerous feral hogs in Florida and Texas.
Oh! And golfers lose their golf course.
Kahn and McIntosh have watched a few successful strategies in Arizona and Louisiana.

Post a Golf Course for Sale on to be seen worldwide in English and Six other Languages.

  • Post for Six Months Only $599.00
  • Post for a Full Year Only $999.00



Are you considering buying your first golf course?

If you're considering buying your first golf course, you should spend plenty of time browsing through this golf course business web site. In particular, be sure to read the GOLF COURSE BUYER'S GUIDE that will help get you on the right track to golf course ownership. It talks about the search, target, financing (if needed), transition, management plans, and other issues to look for.

If the golf course needs to be successful. I only hope to help get it started the right way. Take advantage of my free consultation with no strings attached (941-739-3990, or Email: I'm not here to hook you, or sell you some crazy stuff. I truly want to see more and more golf courses in the right hands. Owned by people, small companies, or home owner associations who understand what they're getting into, and have the patience and energy a golf couse.

With experience in golf courses since the 1950s, I'll warn you about 'money-pits', or what to learn reading through golf course financial statements and P&L statements. For instance, I've negotiated, purchased, and maintained $ millions in golf maintenance machinery. I know when the machinery at a target golf courses is nothing but a pile of junk. I've climbed through clubhouses and maintenance buildings. I can tell you; if the clubhouse is more than 20-years old it probably has $50,000 in repairs and deferred issues you can't even see during diligence.

If we have a conversation and you like what you hear in our initial conversation you might consider engaging Golfmak, Inc. (Mike Kahn) professionally at some point. I have endless references from all parts of the golf world.

So. Welcome to You've just entered a deep wandering golf business cave with articles from 20-years ago and stuff very recent. I know what golf courses are really worth no matter what the appraisers, sellers, or real estate brokers tell you. Here, you'll pick up plenty of insight about owning and operating a golf course - if you have the time and patience to hang out on this site (if you don't, you may already have disqualified yourself to be a successful golf course owner). Believe me: There have been many prominent business people owning golf courses that ended in miserable failure. Conversely, a man in Missouri showed patience, a desire to learn, a lot of sweat, and made a golf course quite successful with the simplest business practice you could imagine.

Anyway, this site has pages and links going on forever. About 15,000 people a month spend time at - and it's free. The most popular pages are: the 'GOLF COURSE BUYER'S GUIDE', and French Drains

Ten Important Questions a Golf Course GM Needs to Answer Correctly GOLF IS A RISKY BUSINESS! According to Legacy Planning Group (LPG) of Stockton, MD, up to 90% of golf courses are under insured.Are you really covered for all your risks? Call me for a free risk assessment conducted by LPG. These people  are golf course business experts: 941-739-3990, or Email: Mike Kahn. Over 50-years in the business of golf. I know how to Boost Your Rounds and Revenue Very Quickly. Let me help. I need to do a little ground work first - about three or four days - then we'll plan a strategy. $1 can get you $10 at the POS if you follow my plan.  Golf Course Business Consulting. Purely Business. No magic. Just plain 'Boot Camp' common sense.1- I was handed the reins of a 36-hole golf course in foreclosure. Got it out and sold it for a $4 million profit2 - Creditors hired me at a 27-hole golf course in C-11 bankruptcy. Added 30,000 rounds and $800,000 in revenue. Got it out.3 - Trusted to guide an 18-hole golf course hosting barely 30-rounds a day. Boosted play to over 120 daily. Quadrupled revenues. 
Our Company
Golfmak, Inc. Golf Business Consulting Service
Golf Course Types

Golfmak, Inc., is a Florida Corporation formed in 1994 with Michael A Kahn as its President. The company's mission has been to assist golf course owners and operators to manage the business of Golf Courses successfully.

We have consulted, managed, brokered or financed golf courses all over the USA.

In golf since the 1950s, Michael Kahn's golf career has been strictly business. Mike's network of business colleagues is one of the best and most experienced in the industry.

Michael Kahn is known for his non-patronizing down home business style. No BS, just common business sense.

Bluntly: We find money. Lots of it in every department. We know many golf course owners and managers - even management companies - often have no idea how to fully contain outflow, or plug hidden money leaks. We identify available expense containment strategies - either unknown or ignored. Our audits find $ thousands - often the difference between a positive and negative balance sheet.

Golfmak, Inc. performs golf course business analysis and operational audits. From the greens budget to marketing to managing a food and beverage operation Mike and his Team have the expertise to financially improve every department.

A Golfmak report with recommendations is time-proven. It is easy to implement and follow.

We analyze any type of golf course including Private, Semi-Private, Public, and Municipally Operated golf courses. Our experience includes 9, 18, 27, and 36-hole configurations.

Order a Complete Golf Course Operation Audit. Call: 941-739-3990, or Email: a few nagging questions:
  • Am I covered for all risks unique to golf courses?
  • Colleagues tell me their credit card processing fees are thousands less than mine. How do I find out?
  • Is our municipal golf course providing maximum benefit to the community, but not at the expense of our tax payers?
  • Should we hire a management company. How do we know? 
  • Is our management company 'performing'?
  • I'm the 'money-guy' is my 'Sweat-equity' Partner managing properly?
  • Is our Private Club's Board of Directors on the right tract?
  • I'm 1,000 miles away from my golf course. Is my management team managing with integrity?
  • Our Bank knows nothing about managing a golf course. How do we know the management company we hired is addressing the bank's interest, or all we have is a very expensive baby sitter? ? 
  • Equity Owned Country Clubs
  • Board Managed Golf Clubs
  • Partnerships (Really!)
  • Municipally Owned Golf Courses
  • Management Company Managed
  • Absentee Owners
  • Foreign Owned
  • Family Owned
  • Home Owner Association (HOA) Owned
  • Trust Owned Golf Courses
  • Corporate Owned Golf Courses
  • Bank Owned Golf Courses 
WHAT IS THE COST OF A GOLF OPERATION AUDIT?The cost of an audit will depend on the type and complexity of the golf course or country club, and the depth of information our client needs to make informed decisions. For instance, we have found non-conforming swimming pool drains and recommended immediate remedy due to dangerous liability exposure. A tee sheet setting whereby a slight adjustment resulted in many thousands in new money. When food margins were out-of-whack it turned out boxes and boxes of food, steaks, and booze was walking out the back door every night.FEES? A simple 18-hole daily fee golf course can be audited for $5,000, plus expenses for travel to and accommodation. A fully appointed country club with golf, pro shop, fine dining, swimming, tennis, fitness, and banquet rooms may run $20,000, plus expenses.Fees are paid weekly in advance, split equally based on the number of weeks needed (agreed upon) for the engagement. Final payment is due upon delivery of our report. However, we participate in a conference call at a mutual time after client/s have time to study the report. We will remain available by phone, Email, or text to discuss the report further with the/a lead person for at least 30-days from its delivery.HOW IS THE AUDIT CONDUCTED? WE WANT TO BE AS FAMILIAR WITH THE SUBJECT AS POSSIBLEEven before we are engaged we will have already studied the subject golf course for its marketplace, its competition, and it general reputation among the local golf fraternity. Immediately upon engagement we ask, under agreement of nondisclosure, for at least the previous three year's Financial Records (highly detailed), P&L's, Budgets, Round Activity, Membership Activity, a Membership Profile, Payroll Activity, Personal Property Inventory Lists, Machinery Lists (including make and model years), all Leases, Agreements, Long Term Debts (like mortgages), Key Man Compensation Agreements, and any documents pertinent to the operation of the business.GOLFMAK, INC., PRESIDENT, MICHAEL KAHN
  • Over 400 endorsements, and over 1,000 connections on Linkedin.
  • Endless Testimonials and References from Golf Course Owners, General Managers, Corporate Executives, City Managers, Bankers, Architects, Builders, Developers, PGA Golf Professionals, Brokers, and Marketing Experts
  • My Linkedin Public Profile: View Michael A (Mike) Kahn's profile on LinkedIn
Golf Course Financing is Back? Yes! Up to 80% LTV and even higher. Rates under 6% (March 5, 2015). Call me: 941-739-3990, or Email: Michael A (Mike) Kahn your golf course consulting specialist. I work for you: Golf Course Owners, Home Owner Associations (HOA), Buyers, Sellers, Planners, Borrowers, and any Interest in Golf Courses - any type, anywhere. Your first consultation is always free. My fees are modest and you will learn I have a sincere interest in your outcome. I have endless endorsements, testimonials, references, and over 1,000 Linkedin connections. Call me: 941-739-3990, or write:
.Residential Development Golf Courses Failing. Its an epidemic! HOA golf course concernsHome Owners Associations everywhere are in a Quandary wondering "What to do!" The gross negative impact on one neighborhood's residences was reported as high as $24 million after the golf course closed for business in April of 2011. Check this You Tube message from a seasoned real estate professional about the affect of a golf course closing in Alachua, Florida (near Gainesville): call me to get started with the solution to your situation. It's a free consultation: 941-739-3990, or write me at:, Mike Kahn... link to my resumeI Saw it coming... A video I made in October, 2010. Why was I so alone with my predictions back in the 90s?TESTIMONIALS"Mike was extremely polite, but took a no-nonsense look on the status of our operations." Ed C"Mike and the team implemented systems that gave us benchmarks and systems for tracking. The programs introduced by Mike have set us up for success." Bob C"Reach out and spend just a little time with Mike and it can save you big in the future. " Brian C"A lot of the strategies that you put into place and some of the things that you directed us towards have really helped. I am excited to say that we should actually realize a profit. " Ryan K"We used your web site as a model and started to turn the Club around " Marie and Bob"I have read your resume and is absolutely stunning..." Ramon (in Spain)"Worked with Michael when seeking to purchase a golf course. His dedication and willing to assist was superior." Brian, Club General Manager More testimonialsWelcome to Golfmak, Inc., President, Michael A Kahn, Your Golf Course Operations Management Consultant.Disturbing results when an HOA neighborhood golf course fails....Read this HOA Failing Golf Course Dilemma ArticleCan your local golf course be saved? Call Mike Kahn: 941-739-3990, or write:
  • Operational Audits - Management, Golf Course Maintenance, General Administration, Marketing and Advertising, Accounting
  • Showing you better methods to build your customer base and control customer costs
  • How to get the best out of your food and beverage concessions, better margins, greater sales, more profitable beverage operations
  • Better tools for accounting, payroll management, market analysis
  • Finding money you didn't know you had. Improve security. Better use of POS
  • Evaluations for golf course owners, partnerships, and banks
  • Buying or planning to buy a Golf Course? Complete diligence, closing transition, and management setup. Get you on the ground running.
  • Financing for golf courses. Michael Kahn has participated in $ millions in successful golf course finance applications
Facebook page: golfEmergency Golf Course ManagementDon't be the brunt of this riddle: What do boats and golf courses have in common? Answer at the end of... Are you really ready to own a golf course?Troubled Golf Courses? HOA - Owners - Board Members - Bankers Call for a free consultation: 941-739-3990OR WRITE:
Michael Kahn is a proud member of the esteemed Golf Course Business Consultants Group (GCBC)
Looking for a golf course loan? Call: 941-739-3990, or write:
Why Michael Kahn as Your Golf Course Operations Management Consultant?
ConfidenceFirst and Foremost you can be 100% confident that I will act and advise you strictly in your best interests. Whether you're planning to buy a golf course, already going into diligence, expanding, or planning your next year's budget, I can advise you as your operations expert. You are making use of over 50-years experience in virtually every type of golf course or golf related business.Home Owners Association (HOA) with a Golf Course Problem?Is your problem an HOA and Golf Course issue? I will address your particular challenge (all are a little different) with the most practical solution for everyone living in the golf course community. One thing for sure: They all have one thing in common, which is the value of their investment in their home. I have spoken to so many home owners on this subject.TrustYou want trusted experience on your team. I have operated, financed, brokered every type of golf course including bentgrass and Bermuda grass. I will provide you with all the references you need to make you comfortable with Michael Kahn as your consultant. With over 50-years in every phase of golf course operations available to you we can work together to reach your goal.Michael Kahn's Extensive Golf Course Business NetworkI have 1,000 Linkedin connections with over 100 endorsements from golf business people from around the world. I am a member of the Golf Course Business Consultants (GCBC), an esteemed group of individuals from many specialized fields related to the golf course industry. Whether it's a Market Analysis, HR Issue, Refurbishing the Golf Course, Analyzing Food and Beverage Operations, Accounting Sources, Environmental Audits, Tee Sheet Management, Web Site and Networking, as you consultant I become your complete set of tools to support your golf course business.I Find Money. I Find Savings. I can make you Happy!I am paid for providing experienced advice. Once I have completed my golf course operations analysis I am ready to advise where you can make or save money. However, I never advise in a manner that compromises your customer's experience. It's really that simple.I Found $1 million over 8.7 YearsHow many tips (tools) do I have in my tool box? Probably thousands. For instance, one day I walked into a golf course and within five minutes I used a simple tool that found $115,000 in pure hard cash in the very next business year. In fact, it amounted to $1 million in cash in his pocket in 8.7 years. It was money the owner had no idea he was entitled to! Not a bad return for a $2,500 analysis.BTW: If you don't want the truth you don't want me. For instance, if it's time to abandon ship I'll tell you (based on my disclaimer). Am I right? In my experience and opinion, "Yes!"
Buying a Golf Course?
I advise you as a potential golf course buyer - especially if it will be your first golf course ownership. I help evaluate the 'deal' with a review of the property, financial history, its marketplace, and value as real estate. I can also help with negotiations, the purchase contract (not as an attorney, but as a golf course business expert).Once on board as your consultant, you'll have my LOI, PSA, and comprehensive 300- line Diligence Spreadsheet.
Due Diligence?
Nobody knows a golf course better. As your diligence leader I review the financial statements at back at least three years. I inspect every asset, every pertinent document, and every aspect of the golf course you have under contract. When I'm finished you'll know what you are buying (or not buying). You will also know what to expect in the future as the new golf course owner.
Transition - Taking Over a Golf Course?
Taking over a golf course as the new owner is like jumping onto a moving train. The closing is likely at midnight one day and your to manage at 12:01 AM. There are dozens of reconnects you'll need to do so everyday business is not interrupted. You'll need to adjust so many things such as banking, management, insurance, licenses, agreements, permits, contracts, etc. - almost at the flick of a switch. Don't forget! You'll also need to establish your trade credit as well. I'm an expert in transitions.
Financing a Golf Course?
I help golf course owners and potential golf course buyers find financing and working capital for their golf course operations. After over 50-years in the business, I still believe there are innovative ways to raise serious capital - even for courses not currently making money. No guarantee meant here. If it's an impossible finance deal, I'll save you time, money, and aggravation when I recommend you walk away!
Need an Analysis of an Operating Golf Course?
Let me analyze your golf course operation, whether it's for a potential acquisition, or it simply needs another experienced eye to get the business on track. My Operations and Management Analysis is highly in depth. My clients are often rejuvenated and ready to apply my recommended methods to get the business back in the black (and the banker of his/her back).
Mike Kahn as Your Buyer's Broker
I am a licensed real estate associate in Florida. I work for golf course buyers from out of state who are looking for golf courses virtually anywhere in the world. My brokerage fees are very low and I more than earn my fees, because I also act as your consultant to reduce the cost of the/a transaction. I help put a value on a target golf course property to you as buyer, for instance:
Under a buyer-broker agreement my client placed an offer for a golf course and went into diligence. Part way through diligence I advised my client to walk away, but be prepared to come back at a lesser purchase price, as I had uncovered several hidden deferred issues. In fact, my client accepted my advice, withdrew his offer, but informed the seller that he would come back with what he was prepared to pay, which was several hundred thousands less. The seller accepted the lower offer and the deal closed. My client's saving was several times more than my commissions.
As your buyer's broker I work for you. I provide you with the appropriate letters of intent (LOI), legally prepared purchase and sale agreements (PSA), and my 360+/- line due diligence spreadsheet. Then, once you get to the closing, I act as your transition consultant to help you take over the golf course smoothly and seamlessly.
Interim Management?
I provide interim operations management, which begins with an operations and management analysis. Our management may be as oversight, either on site, or remotely, or an on-site via a temporary management agreement, for which I would bring a team. Under our interim management service, there is no long term contract involved (our last one lasted four months. As a management efficiency expert in the golf course business, I can work for a short period, like a week, or for longer terms.
Sell a Golf Course?
It's the World Market that will get you the highest price. I am associated with Prime Sites USA, LLC, a world wide brokerage firm with its fingers in many countries like Brazil, Columbia, South Africa, China, Korea, Chile, Qatar, and many more. We use discretion on your behalf as a seller. Foreign buyers by with cash, so bank financing is never an issue. We obtain proof of funds before any negotiations begin.
PICK UP THE PHONE: 941-739-3990. Start with a free no BS consultation.
Testimonials - Mike Kahn's 50-year plus ResumePLANNING TO OWN YOUR FIRST GOLF COURSE? CALL ME FIRST: 941-739-3990Link to Review my inexpensive fees.

Why You Need a Financial/Physical/Market Analysis arrow down

Read an article I published here in 2010: "Tough Times for Golf" arrow down

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Michael A Kahn is a Proud

Associate Member of the

Golf Course Business Consultants

call me nowYour first consultation is free: 941-739-3990, or write: mike@golfmak.comDo you really know your customers - your Golfers?Your Web Site. Get to business faster. Read this: Web Site MistakesKahn's Link to Important Golf Course Business Sources and ResourcesWant to buy a golf course? Start hereWant to sell a golf course? Start here
Below are links to three documents you can buy should you should ever contemplate buying and owning a golf course.
The Diligence Guide is from my experience brokering and financing golf courses over many years. The Letter-of-Intent (LOI) and Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) guides should save you $ hundreds, maybe $ thousands in the process of buying a golf course. They are my first buy-on-line items. Less than $55.00 for the three documents as a single purchase. Each comes with my complimentary consultations. As guides only. Not provided as legal documents. All subject to disclaimer.
Are you ready to quit talking and start solving? Get started by taking action now: Start taking action now.Put your Golf Course, Golf Club, Country Club, or Municipal Course back on track. After a complete review and analysis I will sit down with you or your board to plan a strategy to extend the life of your club for many more years.Engage Mike Kahn. A Golf Course Business Consultant with over 50-years in this industry.BANKERS: FOLLOW THIS LINK - SELL A GOLF COURSE FASTER WITH LESS COSTLINK: Read this. I wrote it about ten years ago. Do you think I'm nuts?... ANALYSIS - AVOID THE BROAD BRUSH APPROACHAfter 50+ years in this business, I cannot subscribe to broad brush solutions for golf paint brushcourse financial and business issues. I see golf courses as unique as people - absolutely different down to the very core - except one thing:Do you know what it is? My Email: national statistics may indicate a state has a participation rate as higher than 15%, in my experience I would find communities in the same state with a participation rate of less than 5%. How can a national statistic be relevant to a small community golf course where very few even play golf?My approach is different. I address a golf course as it operates in its own neighborhood. I learn about the golf course, its customer base, and the local economy it serves. I learn its own unique demographic layout to seek its general profile, because golf courses are all so different. You can't always do what a guy in California did and and get the same results in Vermont!A golf course has to learn and know its own personality - the course itself and the marketplace it serves. It also needs to keep an eye on changing times and demographics.All golf courses are different in aspects like age, topography and clubhouse. There are infinite ways a golf course is uniquely different from every other golf course. In fact, golf course architects design their work to be unique from all others. Clubhouse architects do the same. Mountains, seaside, forested, open plains, rivers, lakes, palm trees, evergreens, snow, tropics, wet, dry, on and on. The grasses, bent, Bermuda zoyzia, paspalum, creeping red fescue, blue grass, seaside, - mowed up to six different cutting heights and green speeds. Tee boxes - 2, 3, 4, 5 sets or more (my boyhood course had one set of tees).In my work I interview the very people national consultants ignore. I especially try to learn a particular golf course's player personality. I ask the kinds of questions only my years of experience know how to ask. But the answers get me to the real the true personality of a golf course. Once I am comfortable with what I learn, only then can I make my recommendations to an owner or a board of directors.My first consultation is always complimentary. I promise you that am always candid and non patronizing. Sometimes I've been know to be even a little too blunt, but sometimes it's the only way to say it. I will not sell you on my consulting service, because that's entirely up to you.The golf course of your interest is unique and special. Don't fall for the broad brush approach. Mike Kahnenter.Golfmak, Inc. Golf Business Consultant Contact: or call: 941-739-3990If your golf club is facing one or more of the following - Write:
  1. Membership shrinking? You need serious 2017 in-house and marketplace profiles.
  2. Banker calling you every day? Been there. Done that.
  3. Rounds up, revenue up, but earnings down? Same as #1 above.
  4. Considering hiring a management company? You probably cannot afford one.
  5. Competition eating you up? I know how to win that battle. I mean, "Take no prisoners!"
  6. Shift in demographics in your marketplace? You may need a major overhaul of 'everything"!
  7. Looking for ways to trim fat without cutting services? Some you can. Some you can't.
  8. Trying to reduce fat, but keep solid course conditions? Hey! We've overstated course conditions.
  9. Food and beverage operations driving you nuts? It's a concession opportunity. 'OPPORTUNITY!'
  10. Newest greens mower is a 1996 model? Might be best get out of the business.
  11. Irrigation at or near its normal life span (20-years)? Start getting bids. Don't wait till it quits altogether.
  12. Greens unreliable - good one day, terrible the next? You need a serious look at practices.
  13. The golf course or clubhouse is over 20-years old? It it clean? Functional? Keep it that way.
  14. Have you really checked employee behaviors lately? Get an outside opinion.
    If the club can be brought back to good health I can help you get there. I hear from clubs almost every day - all around the USA. Some have no chance and need a visit from Dr. K. However, there are many that can come back.
The method that can work for your club is not necessarily the same that saved other clubs. I know that, because every golf course is unique in structure, configuration, location, clubhouse size and layout, local economies, and age of members and daily fee players.I have some harsh words for private clubs reaching out for help! You won't like what I say, but I believe I am 100% right.If any of the 13 symptoms are facing your club - call me: 941-739-3990.Who is Mike Kahn
  • I could be the number one golf course business consultant in the USA.
  • I coined the word: golfenomics, n - the economics of the golf industry.
  • I grew up in this business. I know what works and what doesn't. I can spot the fluff and BS
NEW FINANCE SOURCE? THAT WAS BACK IN 2012-13Hundreds and Hundreds of Golf Course Case Studies from Yellow Knife (former) Northwest Territories to the Florida Keys - One Golf Course at a Time.Read Mike Kahn's Testimonials.
HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATIONS - DO NOT LET YOUR COMMUNITY GOLF COURSE FAIL. The consequences are far greater than just losing the golf course - especially loss of equity in your home.
  • Uncertainty making homes harder to sell
  • Lower home values - lost equity
  • Increase in neighborhood crime
  • Unsightly backyards instead of beautiful green fairways
  • Tall unsightly weeds that were once green fairways become a major fire
  • Grown in fairways become habitats for undesirable varmints - like dangerous feral pigs
Read about the dramatic negative impact on home values when a community golf course closes. For instance; Expect an increase in neighborhood crime. Your home owner's association (HOA) cannot let your community golf course fail - whether you play golf or not. Read this real life result! or Listen to me here (A seven minute video explanation)KAHNA Golf Course Business Consultant?Dollar per dollar one of the most experienced golf course management consultants anywhere.The boom is over. It's time to analyze virtually every element in a golf related business - from the asset to operation.Retool where needed. Discard the baggage.If you want to be around in five years call me. CAN YOU AFFORD A MANAGEMENT COMPANY?You can afford this one --- My list of feesIf your golf course business takes in less than $1.5 million a year you cannot afford to hire a management company - unless they are paid based on results. After all, average management company fees are from $7,000 to $10,000 a month. However, you can afford to hire Golfmak, Inc. (me, Mike Kahn) as your adviser and consultant and I'll give you a better captain.Here's why:I will show you and your staff how to get the very best out of your golf course operation. I will show you how to coach your crew to perform and produce better. I'll show you subtle ways to make money and save money. My monthly consulting fee start as low as $2,000 a month. My operational advice covers every single facet of a golf operation. Let me outline the areas where I can provide advice and guidance:Marketing, Advertising,  Food and Beverage, Golf Course Maintenance, Budgeting, Employee Relations, Member Management, Insurance Issues, Legal Areas of Concern, Financing, Point of Sale Selection, Banking, Web Site Providers, Credit Cards, ATM, Tee Sheet Management, Clubhouse Maintenance, Player Services, Golf Cart Care (Gas and Electric), Machinery Purchases or Leasing, and Golf Cart Lease or Purchase, Pro Shop Merchandising, Player Service Behaviors, Employee Job Descriptions, Internet and Network Marketing, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Fitness Rooms, Fine Dining,  Corporate Outings, Banquets, Tourist Marketing, and even more!BTW: If you've made up your mind to hire a management company I can help with that selection too!Article: Should You Throw the keys back to the Banker?link pageHOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION (HOA) AND YOUR GOLF COURSE DILEMMAAfter one Florida golf course failed adjacent home values reportedly fell an average of $20.00 a square foot - over and above normal economic pressures...Residential golf courses - a serious dilemma during the economic crisis. Are there solutions? Yes!Top Ten symptoms of a golf course in troubleMy 'Tunnel Vision' method of getting your golf course back to financial prosperity.A Great Article from Course Trends: Take a few minutes to read it. Sometimes golf course operators need a kick in the butt to get back to these simple basics.Turnaround a Golf Course Now!Evaluating a Golf CourseGolf Business Consulting
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Golfmak, Inc., Michael A (Mike) Kahn, a one stop, value based golf course consultant! I make or save you money.I provide a full golf course consulting service including buying, selling, managing, marketing, food service, course maintenance, financing, merchandising, budgeting, and member management. I show you absolutely fail proof methods to operate a successful golf course.Start with a call: 941.739.3990, or send me an Email: I reply personally to all inquiries. Your first consultation is complimentary.Michael A Kahn, Golf Business Consultant
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