This is A Simple Self-Test of What You Know about Insurance Coverage for Your Public, Semi-Private, Private Golf Club, or Stand Alone Practice Facility. Wrong Answers Could Mean Overpaid Premiums and/or Inadequate Risk Coverage.


1 - Have you been offered a Complete package policy including Commercial Property, General Liability, Liquor Liability, Auto, and Crime?


2 - Are your Board Members protected with the decisions they make that effect the membership or community?


3 - Do you have sufficient Large Excess Limits available Tee to Green coverage providing for golf course grounds with limits up to $1M for qualified risks?


4 - Does your private club have Coverage available for personal property of members, guests, employees, and servicers?


5 - Do you have appropriate Coverage provided for Property damage arising from errant golf balls?


6 - Do you have Limited Pollution Coverage provided for Pesticide and Herbicide application to your golf course grounds?


7 - Did you know you can have Premises Environmental Coverage for sudden and gradual, above and below ground on an all risk basis (separate policy)?


8 - Did you know you can have Golf Professional Replacement Expense coverage?


9 - Did you know you can carry a Separate policy for Special Events held on your premises?


10 - Have you been offered a way to pay your premiums in Interest-Free Installments, for instance, for accounts that generate at least $2,000 in annual premiums?


We are experienced golf course business people. We’ve managed, maintained, financed, insured, and consulted golf courses all around the USA. We know how money slips through the cracks - running into the thousands year-after-year.

An insurance review is one of many areas that your golf business operation can benefit from services provided by my associate company,Legacy Planning Group, LTD., (LPG) of Stockton, MD. LPG will schedule, completely free, a convenient time for you to review and assess your risk management package - and what your are paying for in premiums. Results of our brief meeting could lower your insurance costs - yet provide you with risk protection uniquely associated only with golf courses.

Finding money that belongs to you. With LPG experience we provide revenue audits finding thousands in savings and tax advantaged programs. Many audits we do are at no additional fee.

I would pay you to make the call for a completely free insurance risk and premium analysis. Call Matt Gordon, LPG Independent Adviser: 302-245-0853, or email Matt Gordon:

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