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  1. SOLD: PRICE $1,650,000, JANUARY 26, 2007, Northwood Hills Golf Club, Shreveport, Louisiana. We helped place a new partnership into this golf course property that has some future development potential. Financing was a particularly delicate issue, which we were skillfully able to achieve to get this one to closing.
  2. SOLD - PRICE (Undisclosed), NOVEMBER 7, 2006. Semi-Private Cypress Valley Golf Course, Marshall, Texas. NO. We did not broker the sale. I assisted the ownership with information instrumental in their successful sale of the golf course.
  3. SOLD - PRICE $475,000, NOVEMBER 1, 2006, Semi-Private Shambolee Golf Club, Petersburg, Illinois. A Mike Kahn, Prime Sites USA Buyer-Broker transaction converting a member-owned golf club to a privately owned enterprise. This modestly price transaction placed a young family into a beautiful 18-hole golf course for a long and secure future.
  4. CONSULTING - MADISONVILLE COUNTRY CLUB, OCTOBER 16, 2006, MADISONVILLE, KY. Provided acquisition and transition assistance for a PGA golf professional for his planned purchase ofhis own private country club. Issues were financing, membership management, employee issues and marketing. I completed a complete property site review, inspected equipment, buildings, kitchens, golf course, all books records, balance sheets, and toured the competition and provided a brief report. A successful acquisition was consumated on October 15, 2006.
  5. SOLD - PRICE $3.6 MILLION, OCTOBER 16, 2006, Semi-Private Indigo Lakes Golf Club, Daytona, Florida. A Meadowbrook Golf Corproation sale completed with the coperated efforts of Prime Sites USA, Florida, and Herberton Realty, Atlanta, Georgia.
  6. SOLD - PRICE $1.5 MILLION, April 15, 2006, Semi-Private Red Hawk Golf Club, DuQuoin, Illinois. This transaction came together after a three-year search by me for a PGA golf professional with a desire to own and operate his own golf course. The sale was comsumated after I assisted with negotiations and helping to devise a unique finance package.
  7. SOLD - PRICE: UNDISCLOSED, December 31, 2005, Private club, Feather Sound Golf and Country Club, Clearwater, Florida. New owner, TriStar Business Communities, St. Louis. TriStar plans upwards of $2 million in upgrades to this highly regarded Bob Cupp design located at the west side of Tampa Bay's Howard Franklin Bridge.
  8. SOLD - PRICE $1.8 MILLION November 5, 2005. Beautiful Cleghorn Golf Club in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Sale was a joint effort by Mike Kahn and Steve Taylor, both Prime Sites USA Golf Course Sales Associates. Cleghorn feature all new Champion Ultra-dwarf greens - highly favored for speed and trueness. Rutherfordton is approximately 45-minutes from Asheville, North Carolina.
  9. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $2,900,000, June-05: Crescent Oaks Golf Club, Tarpon Springs, Florida: - $2.9 million, closed June 22, 2005. Another Buyer-Broker golf course sale by Prime Sites USA - a combined effort by Golf Division Manager, Mike Kahn and PSUSA's newest sales associate, Mark Hoffman. Crescent Oaks Golf Club is a private country club with over 300 members, swimming pool, tennis courts and a full service clubhouse.
  10. SOLD - PRICE: $3,600,000, February-05: Bobcat Trail Golf Club, Northport, Florida: closed February 3rd, 05. This highly prized Bob Tway designed 18-hole golf course has been on the radar of many golf course buyers. With a projected 15 cap, we show how it pays to hire Prime Sites USA's professional golf sales team to work for you under our non-exclusive buyer-broker agreement.
  11. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $3,200,000, November-04: Olde Point Golf Club, Hampstead, North Carolina: Closed on November 15 at 5: PM. Another sale by Prime Sites USA, LLC Director of Golf Course Sales, Mike Kahn, and Steve Taylor. Olde Point was another golf course transaction put together using our knowledge and skill in the golf course business.
  12. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $3,200,000, October-04: Oak Grove Island Golf Club, Brunswick, Georgia: Closed October 12, 2004. Along with my colleague, Steve Taylor, we put a unique deal together to satisfy a foreign buyer's financing needs. We assisted in preparing the contract, diligence, transition and go-forward management plans.
  13. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $3,200,000, October-04: Magnolia Plantation, Jacksonville, Florida : Magnolia Point Golf Club, a 27-hole private golf club including tennis, pool and fine dining, listed exclusively with Prime Sites USA, LLC, in the fall of 2003, sold for $3.2 million in spring of 2004. The sale was a joint effort between PSUSA Golf Course Sales Associate, Steve Taylor and myself.
  14. FINANCING - September-04: The Eagles Golf Club, Tampa, Florida: Managed the property and prepared the business plan successful in achieving new financing. Achieved 70% LTV, a 25-year, seven year balloon.
  15. SOLD - PRICE: $1,000,000, September-04: Red Eagle Golf Club, Eufaula, Alabama: Another joint effort between Lighthouse Golf Group and Prime Sites USA. Skip Smith and Mike Kahn successfully sold Red Eagle for $1 million in September of 2004. Red Eagle is a beautiful 18-hole golf course designed and built by renowned architect, Dennis Griffiths.
  16. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $3,000,000, January-04: The Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg, Florida: Primes Sites USA, LLC, sales associate, Mike Kahn, brought buyers and sellers together for the $3 million sale of The Ravines Golf Resort, closing in January of 2004. Listed and contracted for sale in less than 60 days.
  17. SOLD AND FINANCED PRICE: $3,200,000, December-03: Fox Ridge Golf Club, Dike, Iowa: Successful $3.2 million sale and financing of Fox Ridge in December of 2003. Brokerages, Prime Sites USA, LLC, Clearwater, Florida, Associate Mike Kahn, and Lighthouse Golf Group, Atlanta, Georgia, Associate Skip Smith.
  18. MANAGEMENT TURNAROUND - $3,000,000, November-03: Eagles Golf Club, Tampa, Florida: Engaged as management consultant for Tampa, Florida's famous 36-hole Eagles Golf Club. Successfully reorganized all operations including golf course maintenance, food and beverage, marketing, pro shop and administration. Increased earnings by $500,000 even before pursuing additional rounds.
  19. MANAGEMENT TURN-AROUND - $1,000,000, October-03: Scottish Heights Golf Club, De Bois, Pennsylvania: Engaged as consultant to advise ownership on all phases of this financially challenged golf course. After implementing many of our recommendations the business reached break-even cash flow for its first time in 2004. Subsequent area real estate activity could result in a financial winfall for ownership. Estimated added value $1 million.
  20. FINANCING - June-03: The Golf Club at Cypress Creek, Sun City, Florida: Provided consulting service for a successful 75% LTV financing.
  21. FINANCING - June-03: Michigan Golf Course (remains confidential: Successfully financed a highly difficult reorganization for an ownership group.
  22. SOLD - PRICE: $3,200,000, May-03. Bobcat Trail Golf Club, North Port, Florida: Sold for $3.2 million in spring of 2003 by Mike Kahn, Brokerage, Prime Sites USA, LLC, Bobcat Trail was a highly prized 18-hole golf course, with a 'difficult' balance sheet. Our innovative transaction techniques resulted in this successful sale.
  23. MANAGEMENT TURNAROUND - $1,000,000, February-03: The Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg, Florida: Successfully reorganized golf course maintenance operations including golf course maintenance, food and beverage, marketing, pro shop and administration. Using our exclusive associations and connections, increased play by 2,000 rounds in January and February of 2003. Turnaround: $1 million in less than 12 months.
  24. SOLD AND FINANCED - PRICE: $2,000,000, December-02: The Ravines Golf Resort, Middleburg, Florida: Exclusive listing with Prime Sites USA, LLC. A successful $2 million sale and financing of The Ravines Golf Resort in December of 2002. Participating brokerages, Prime Sites USA, LLC, Clearwater, Florida, Associate Mike Kahn, and Lighthouse Golf Group, Atlanta, Georgia, Associate Skip Smith.
  25. FINANCING - May-02: Summerfield Plantation Golf Club, Tampa, Florida: Acted as consultant for the 75% LTV financing for the purchase of Summerfield Plantation in the spring of 2002. Funding achieved within 60-days of the application.
  26. CONSULTING - PRICE: $5,000,000 - May-01: Miccosukee Golf & Country Club, Miami, Florida: Purchased in 2001 by the Miccosukee Tribe (famous Miccosukee Casino Resort), the former Miami National Golf Club, former Kendall Lakes Golf Club, course has hosted many LPGA and PGA events, including those attended by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, among others. Golfmak, Inc. (Mike Kahn) acted on behalf of the Miccosukee Tribe Chairman to assist them in their first golf course ownership.
  27. MANAGEMENT TURNAROUND - $1,000,000, May-01: Orange Park Country Club (OPCC), Orange Park, Florida: Provided diligence and transition management for the $2.1 million purchase of the property in May of 2001. Achieved 80% loan to value. Implemented our business plan and improved the property and the business resulting in a successful resale of the property for $3.1 million in January of 2002. OPCC is a full amenity private country club - swimming, tennis, fine dinging, fitness center - with over 900 members and an annual operating budget of $3 million. Turnaround: $1 million in less than 12 months.
  28. MANAGEMENT TURNAROUND - *IMPROVEMENT $4,000,000, May-98: Appointed by the US Federal Government in July of 1996 to manage Oak Ford Golf Club, Sarasota, Florida as Debtor-in-Possession under Chapter-11 reorganization: I authored the reorganization business plan and managed the business until May of 1998. Our successes included increasing round from 50,000 to over 75,000 rounds in one year; we increased gross revenues from $1.5 in 1995 to $2.2 million in 1997. We achieved over $800K in earnings in 1997. Our reorganization plan was approved by the courts and creditors for a successful release in May of 1998. *Improvement is an estimate.
  29. SOLD - PRICE: $1,000,000 (Bulk Sale), August-96: Union Golf of Florida, Inc., 30 Residential Sites: Operating as sales associates, Mike Kahn and Bill Hayward, brokerage, First Tampa Realty Group, successfully sold 30 golf course residential lots for $1 million in August of 1996. This sale was crucial to success of the reorganization Oak Ford Golf Club.
  30. MANAGEMENT CONTRACT NEGOTIATED, November-95: Established negotiations for the successful and lucrative management Contract awarded to Golf Enterprises of Dallas, Texas to manage Lely Resorts of Naples, Florida. Shortly afterward, the assets of Golf Enterprises were acquired by National Golf Properties and Lely became managed by American Golf Corporation. As of 2005, our sources tell us Lely Resorts is one of the best performing golf properties in the entire 300+ American Golf group of golf courses.
  31. SOLD - PRICE: $60,000,000 (estimated) December-95: Lely Resorts Golf Courses, Naples, Florida: A 30-year, 54-hole golf course property leasehold worth an estimated $60 million sold to Golf Enterprises of Dallas, Texas, closed in December of 1995. Mike Kahn and Bill Hayward collaborated on this sale, brokerage, The Polo Group, Tampa, Florida. This sale triggered the America Golf Corp acquisition of all 40+ golf courses owned by Golf Enterprises immediately after the Lely sale was completed. While American Golf Corp was financially floundering, the Lely property was the best performing property in their 250+ golf course inventory.
  32. MANAGEMENT TURNAROUND: IMPROVEMENT - $2,000,000, May-95: Oak Ford Golf Club, Sarasota, Florida: Engaged as management consultant for the operation and eventual financing of Oak Ford Golf Club, Sarasota, Florida, post Chapter-11, in May of 2003. Achieved 83% loan to value. Our history with Oak Ford goes back to 1995 when we successfully guided the business through a Chapter-11 reorganization - sprung in May of 1998. The 27-hole golf course with a market value of less than $4 million in 2000 sold for $6 million in May of 2003. Turnaround: $2 million in 24 months.
  33. SOLD: PRICE: $1,500,000, April-95: Oyster Creek Golf Club, Port Charlotte, Florida: Successful sale while sales associate with First Tampa Realty Group. X

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I have successfully managed: Private, Semi-Private, Public, Par-3, Executive Courses, and Lighted Practice Ranges.

Former Licensed Superintendent for Weedicides, Herbicides, Aquatic Weedicides, and Acquatic Herbicides

Finance Consultant: Placed over $100 million in golf course financing.

Former PGA Assistant Pro includiing the art of old-time backshop club repair (old fashioned methods),

Teaching professional Private and Group teaching for over 30-years

Former Golf Course Owner

Off-course retail store chain owner

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