Michael A Kahn, President, Golfmak, Inc., Bradenton, Florida. E: mike@golfmak.com.

Request a quote for an on-site review by the team of Mike Kahn and Bill McIntosh. You'll have a complete review of a golf course or country club operation, including all amenities, G&A, maintenance, food and beverage, and marketing. All will be carefully reviewed by the top consulting team in golf. Write mike@golfmak.com for a quote.

You can hire me as your consultant for 30-days for only $2,000. Over 50-years experience by email, phone, or text for 30-days. I'm an expert on any golf course related issue - Including Your Home Owner Association (HOA). Endless references.

Call me for an informal conversation: 941-739-3990. I speak with golf course owners, potential golf business investors, home owners (HOA) who live on golf courses, appraisers, county offices, lawyers, accountants, PGA professionals, kitchen managers, superintendents, brokers, lenders, and planners. People who run ideas by me.  People considering buying a golf course. Many home owners call me when the dilemma of their failing golf course has become a highly contentious issue.

It is always a free consultation, and I never try to sell you anything. You'll be discussing your situation with many years of experience from down-to-earth street-smarts.  


FIRST CONSULTATION IS FREE: Inquire by email: mike@golfmak.com or Phone: 941-739-3990. During a free consultation I attempt to learn the problems and their history. I learn who are the stakeholders and/or interests. We discuss previous attempted remedies. If asked, I will give an opinion and recommendation. The name of the subject golf course need not be disclosed during the free consultation.

Most common issues in 2015 are:

  • Declining revenues due to declining rounds, member rosters, or market demographic changes
  • Person or company has an interest in buying or selling a golf course
  • Party looks for advice or assistance to finance or refinance a golf course
  • Advice on whether or not to hire a golf course management company and who I might recommend
  • How to manage a build up of deferred issues -clubhouse, irrigation, machinery, greens, etc.
  • Advice to manage a banker and/or mortgage crisis


Hourly rate: $200.00 per hour, maximum billing for any day shall not exceed $1,000.00 (all expenses are extra). An up-front retainer may be required. Required hours to conduct a review and written report will be clearly stated up front. Client or Board may request a conference call meeting to discuss my findings and recommendations.


Fee $5,000, plus expenses, payable in advance, for a three to five day period (depending on travel time/distances) including travel and accommodation. Additional days beyond the fourth day are billed at $200 per hour, but shall not exceed $1,000.00 in a day. A written report of my observations and recommendations will be delivered within 10-days of the site review.

A SITE REVIEW COVERS: A Physical, Financial, Operational and Market Review.:

Begins with Review of the Property Description and the Materially Competitive Marketplace. Physical includes: Clubhouse, Kitchens, Pro Shop, Offices, POS, Tee Sheet, Cash Handling and Back Office Systems, Parking Lot, Pools, Tennis Courts, Fitness Centers, Dining Rooms and Storage Facilities, All Components the make up the Golf Course: Greens, Tees, Fairways, Sand Traps, Rough Areas, Water Features, Wooded Areas, Irrigation System, Drainage Issues, Maintenance Building/s, Equipment, Tools, Machinery.

Review includes interviews with Key Personnel: General Manager, Golf Professional, Superintendent, Kitchen Manager/Chef, Chief Secretary, Division Managers (if), including; Dining Room Captain, Tennis Pro-manager, Fitness Center Trainer-manager, Board Members (if).

Financial and Document Review includes: Recent Appraisal, Feasibility Studies, Membership, Membership Documents and Rules, Three year's detailed financial statements, balance sheets, Licenses, Permits, Leases, Special Easements, Agreements, Salary/Wage Schedules, Insurance Documents, Land Use Rights and Restrictions.

Golfmak, Inc., President, Michael A Kahn, guarantees to provide a useful and helpful service to clients or clients may request a partial or a 100% refund (except expenses).

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