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Financing for Golf Courses

We have placed or participated in several recent golf course financings. All were bank financings at under 5% over 20 years.

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Lenders are looking for three very important comforts before they will place loans on golf courses today:

1 - Cash Flow History Financial Statements. Most lenders will ask for the trailing three years of income and expenses for the business. These records must be complete and concise - and accompanied by your accountant's cover letter.
2 - Management Experience Experienced Management - people running the business must have a solid background in golf and business. Banks and lenders consider golf course loans a business loans - not asset loans. Although appraisals are required, the bank looks at the ability of management to repay golf course loans.
3 - Personal Guarantees Banks and lenders won't take the entire risk and want personal guarantees from borrowers. Are you prepared to put your wealth up? Banks are saying, "Enough! You need to put some of your assets up as your commitment to your business plan."