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My $5,000.00 Golf Course Review and Analysis

Do You Really Know the Mess You're in?

In my experience, many golf club owners, bankers, and especially member owned facilities don't know (or don't want to know) how bad their financial situation has become. Eventually they fall into the eleventh-hour mess and are forced to make decisions that seal their doom.

"I'm betting there are thousands of courses in the USA right now bordering on bankruptcy. I can't tell you how many properties I hear from by the time it's too late to save them."

If you are a banker, course owner, or board member and there is even a hint of financial trouble - that's the time to call me: 941.739.3990.

Telltale Signs. "Tell me the truth, Doc. How bad is it?"

To experienced operators, which we are, the signs are all around. Wet spots on ceilings, shaggy bunkers, soft cups, leaning flag sticks, broken cart paths, or spot treating instead of eradication are just some of the obvious signs of a golf course in trouble. It all boils down to deferred maintenance - like not changing the oil in your car - "Pay me now, or Pay me later!"

Solutions Like most common illnesses, I believe every golf course can be saved if treatment begins early. However, the process starts with an on-site analysis. The Golfmak approach is to be aggressive. Some changes may be painful - including personnel changes.
On-Site analysis - $5,000.00 plus expenses. Three days including travel.

We visit and review the entire property and its components, including; financial statements, operational activities, membership activity, competitive marketplace, equipment, and key personnel.

We look over, under and around as many nooks and crannys as we can find. We carefully inspect the clubhouse, kitchens, washrooms and locker rooms. We inspect the maintenance facility, pump house, storage rooms, offices, and parking lot. We inspect all amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, banquet facilities, practice facilities, cart storage, and any other parts of the property.

Our inspections are done together with the principals, significant board members, or concerned banker/lenders. In the course of our physical inspection we will have provided our observations, opinions, and recommendations for decision in the restructuring processes.

We will travel to most any golf course property anywhere in the world (except areas of conflict).