kahn golf mentoring

Allow me to mentor your General Manager

I will help you and your General Manager manage your golf course so you'll both be on the same page. Remember. I've been a general manager. Call me: 941-739-3990, or write: mike@golfmak.com.

My approach is everything they talk about but never really do.

[During my most recent emergency management assignment I inspected the clubhouse every morning. I mean inspected: I looking in the washroom stalls, behind the service counters, in the coolers, etc. I looked at the golf carts to be sure they were clean. I checked the landscaping for weeds and trash (like cigarette butts). I look behind the bar, the liquor inventory room and control sheets. A really good GM makes those inspections as often as possible. In my experience, the daily condition and presentation of the clubhouse reflects the attitude of the business overall. If you want me as a mentor - get used to how fussy I am.]

Yes! Service is paramount.

Yes! Quality of the product is paramount.

Yes! Making a fair return on investment is paramount.

Look! If I'm putting players on the golf course and making money at it, isn't everyone happy? For instance; I set my green speeds at what my customers want - not what I want, or worse still, what my pro wants!

In my grill room I sell what the golfer wants, but I keep the menu to a bare minimum. I know the number-1 complainer about my narrow menu selection is my employees. Yes! Employees! Because they eat there every day. I teach my grillroom kitchen how to slice and stack a sandwich to look attractive and make money. I don't agree with the notion that you cannot make money from the grillroom.

However, my training regimen is like boot camp: Your General Manager needs to be coached and drilled like a golfer honing his swing. It takes practice, repetition and implementation. I believe there is nothing wrong with enterprising to make more money. I believe it is essential to view every concession as an opportunity to make more money.

When I mentor a GM you'll have an employee who will make you more money.

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