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Mike Kahn is more than a golf course business consultant - he is also good at finding golf course financing.

No lender up-front fees. No points and/or hidden fees. Only my fees to guide you: $1,000 monthly, plus site visit fee of $1,500 plus expenses, (site visit only if necessary). Funding should be compete in 60-days.

June 29, 2012: New Golf Course Finance Opportunity

Do you want to get rid of your bank?

What our golf course lender needs to get started
1) Personal Financial Statement
2) Credit Authorization
3) 2009-2011 Business & Personal Tax Returns
4) 2012 Interim debt schedule
5) Color photos of the property/detailed description of the course
6) Detailed use of proceeds


Trying to buy a golf course, but can't find financing?

Need money for new irrigation, or refurbishments to the clubhouse?

I recently became associated with a private source of financing for golf courses. They came to me because of my knowledge of the golf course business. They want me to bring them 'best-risk' opportunities. If you qualify, rates run from 4.75% to 6%, as high as 80% LTV. A credit score of 600 will be considered if the underlying golf course is a solid business.

Loan amounts of $200,000 to $10,000,000. Rates range between 4.75% and 6.00%. LTC/LTV as high as 85%. Credit Scores as low as 600 can be considered. Most property types, including investment real estate and golf courses

The finance source, which is private money, will want to be comfortable with these basics:

  • A reasonable golf course property
  • A borrower with demonstrable golf management skill and knowledge
  • A simple and feasibly obtainable business plan


You can expect there will be expenses and required documentation to finance any business, including a golf course, but I will work with you and your application before any major costs need be considered.

If you are under pressure from your banker because they won't renew or extend your current mortgage we may be your quick and highly appropriate rescue.

Please contact me by email: mike@golfmak.com, or call me: 941-739-3990. Be prepared to provide me an outline of your situation and financial needs. I will need to know the name of the golf course so I can visit its web site and do my own area research. Of course, I will keep it as confidential as possible.

If you know me you know I will not BS you just to make fees. Although you make the final decisions, if I feel you're on a dead end loan application I will tell you immediately.

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kahn email