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Michael A (Mike) Kahn, licensed Florida Real Estate Associate, is an experienced golf course operator, consultant, and a skilled golf course business financial and physical analyst.

Buying a golf course without Mike on your team could be a costly mistake.


The objective of First Tampa Financial Group Golf Course Buyer Representation Program is to identify and present properties that fit your purchase criteria. It may sound simple but it is not always an easy task. A buyer will typically set basic criteria such as price, return, location, etc., but often does not initially recognize other, less obvious criteria that influence the decision to purchase a golf course or hospitality property.

The First Tampa Financial Group Golf Team takes the time to walk the buyer through the financial commitment required, the time commitment required, the lifestyle impact and all the other emotional ups and downs of ownership.

View over $100 million in success stories.


There are any number of golf properties that are "for sale" or that are available for the right price. There are also any number of brokers and associates who are more than willing to sell these properties. So what makes First Tampa Financial Group different?

First Tampa Financial Group is different because of the expertise of its professional team. The Acquisition Team has decades of combined experience in brokering, consulting, financing, managing and ownership of golf course and hospitality properties!

The First Tampa Financial Group Golf Team can guide you, step by step, through the evaluation and purchase process. This expertise along with our relationships with golf course, restaurant and hotel owners and other associates positions the First Tampa Financial Group Acquisition Team to present you with properties that meet your needs.


The First Tampa Financial Group Golf Team offers more than just a list of properties. It assists you through the entire process. The Golf Team can assist the Buyer by:

  • Locating and presenting properties that best fit the Buyer's Needs.
  • Preparing and presenting a Buyer's checklist for the acquisition of property.
  • Providing forms, including Letters of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreements.
  • Assisting in all phases of negotiation relative to property acquisitions.
  • Delivering all acquisition proposals to Seller.
  • Providing a comprehensive due diligence checklist.
  • Maintaining complete and legible copies of all documents executed by the Buyer regarding the property's acquisition.

Other Services:

First Tampa Financial Group, through its network of associated professionals can make available to the buyer (at additional expense) the following services:

  • Financial consulting services for the purchase of golf course properties.
  • Legal services for hospitality and golf course acquisitions.
  • Golf Course appraisal and survey services.
  • Due diligence services to assist the buyer during the inspection period.
  • Transitional management services upon acquisition of golf properties.
  • Key staff employment search services upon acquisition of the property.
  • Ongoing consultation and supervision after the acquisition of the property.


You pay the fee whether the seller pays the commission or not. Why wouldn't you want the expert working for you?

Take advantage of the vast experience of the First Tampa Financial Group Golf Team. With our years of networking and industry relationships we believe we can locate the golf course that best fits your needs. Then we guide you through the entire acquisition process!

To discuss the First Tampa Financial Group Buyer Representation Program in more detail, call Mike Kahn: 941-739-3990.