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    Top Ten Symptoms of a golf course in trouble:

    1. Public Course (or semi-public): Rounds of play have declined steadily for three years or more
    2. Private Club:  Membership down more than 5% this year and has declined more than 20% from levels of five or ten years ago
    3. Private Club: Board Managed while under financial duress
    4. Bank’s latest appraisal lower than last by more than 25% - reducing LTV to below threshold
    5. Mortgage payments cause cuts in service personnel, maintenance, business hours
    6. You don’t have a dime in your contingency fund
    7. More than 1 golf course per 20,000-population within 30-minutes drive of your first tee.
    8. Private Clubs: Average age of members over 60. You’ve already hit the iceberg
    9. Irrigation system is over 20-years old without a complete overhaul
    10. Clubhouse is more than 10,000 square feet

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