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Bob C wrote:

In my position as Chair of the Recreation Commission for the Village of Glen Ellyn, IL have had the pleasure of working with Michael Kahn of Golfmak, Inc. We had remodeled our club house and parts of the 27 hole championship golf course. The Village wanted to make sure we had the right plan in place to assure success. Mike and his team came in and reviewed where we were and what could be improved. The great thing to me is how Mike and his team took what was working well and then helped to improve even more. There were issues to be addressed because we built an upscale restaurant with the remodel. Mike and the team implemented systems that gave us benchmarks and systems for tracking. The programs introduced by Mike have set us up for success.

My experience in working with Golfmak they bring expertise to see the big picture but a strong attention to the details need to make a club work.

Robert C

Brian C wrote:

I have known Mike Kahn for years and his experience and wisdom of the entire golf industry is legendary. I am the head golf pro and an owner of a golf course and country club in Mo. I have been in the industry for many years and know enough to always seek good advice. It's crucial in any business to have people you trust and respect. To this day I still pick his brain for advice and ideas. Before you make a move in this ever changing world of golf I strongly suggest you contact Mike. Reach out and spend just a little time with Mike and it can save you big in the future.

Bobby wrote:

    I don't know if you remember me, but I did a masters thesis a few years ago where I interviewed you over the telephone and used a lot of your information in my business plan.


Ryan wrote...


My oh, my, what a difference a year makes. I wanted to send a copy of our financials for the year through November 30th. A lot of the strategies that you put into place and some of the things that you directed us towards have really helped. I am excited to say that we should actually realize a profit in 2012.

A combination of intelligent spending cuts and better buying practices have led us to this point along with ridding ourselves of the worthless management company that ran our facility. It showed that even with raising our budget on the golf course maintenance side and losing twelve members, that we were able to make money.

I want to thank you for the direction and telling us what we needed to hear. I personally still would have liked to keep you around for the year, but my fellow board members didn't share my viewpoint. I know that we can't rest and still need to add more members, but the foundation that you initiated was exactly what we needed. I hope all is going well in sunny Florida. If I ever get the chance, I will have to make a trip and see where you play and enjoy an afternoon on your links.

Thanks again Mike,

Ryan Keller VP, Centennial Oaks Golf Club, Waverly, Iowa


Marie and Bob wrote...

"Hi Mike, Just wanted to drop you a quick note. The GM, Bob, and I from Stony Lake VA (at the time- I am no longer there) contacted you regarding our financially challenged club a few years back. We used your website as a model and started to turn the Club around as best we could within our power. There were other financial bank issues and far outstanding AP issues. Long story short, the owner brought in a new management company, which did not make a good amount of sense to a bleeding Club rather than seek the advice of a short-term management consultant like you. We preached that pushing weddings in the venue was not the correct choice (as do you), they preached the opposite, we preached members and golf outings - important - but somewhat backseat to the wedding savior model - it is not working, no financial epiphanies and they are still in rough shape. As I am an F & B person, and this is not of the popular opinion, food and beverage is not the area to try and save a Club - breaking even is hardly even attainable to almost any club (I know people say that is outdated talk -but reality is reality no matter how you spin it with thinking outside the box). We came close to breaking even one year in food and beverage- an amazing accomplishment - how? We fired the executive chef and were closed for two winter months - it was the less we did the better financially we managed - not ideal but it was quite telling. So I tell you all of this because your website and thought process on saving a Club, in my view, and having worked in Clubs now for 15 years, is spot on! You are a great asset to this industry and I thank you. Marie "


Ramon wrote...

"I have read your resume and is absolutely stunning, I felt very identified with you because my life also has been too closely related to golf. My father and my family is one of the most known professionals families in the golf industry here in Spain, so from a very early age (5 years old) I started to play golf and know how they worked the golf courses."



Brian wrote...

"Worked with Michael when seeking to purchase a golf course. His dedication and willing to assist was superior." 

Brian, Golf Course Operator/Manager


Allan wrote...

"Mike has always been a great source of knowledge concerning the golf industry." 

Allan, Private Club Management Company


Bill wrote:

"I have worked with Mike for many years and have found him nothing short of a complete professional in his field." 


Bill, PGA Professional, Club Manager


Bill wrote...

"Mike has 40 years experience in the golf industry and is great at Marketing, consulting and fixing problems at your golf course." 

Bill, Finance Golf, Tampa, Florida.


Rick wrote...

Absolutely the best in the business. Michael Kahn's experience is unmatched in the Golf Industry. A true professional ! I consult Michael on every move I make.His knowledge is bottomless.

Rick, Golf Course Owner, Silver Creek, NY

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